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multimeter / мультиметр
имя существительное
an instrument designed to measure electric current, voltage, and usually resistance, typically over several ranges of value.
To determine if the interface is single-ended or differential requires the use of a multimeter that measures low resistance values.
We would normally use a multimeter to test the systems ‘unstressed’ performance, but for some reason it broke.
Unfortunately, the continuity tester on my multimeter proved me wrong.
The real voltage in the circuit is verified with an ordinary multimeter .
To discover where such a drain is occurring connect an electrical multimeter to the battery so you can see how much current is being used by the car when it is shut down.
Measurements were taken using a digital multimeter .
Inside of this container was the multimeter , attachable negative probe, 3526 - B instruction manual, spare fuse, and an attachable alligator clip to either probe.
A digital multimeter complete with rotary selector switch is one such example.
While this information is nice, I'm not exactly sold on this device as a multimeter would be better for gauging the PSU's performance.
Then with a bright yellow multimeter (something which I think would be overwhelmingly cool to have, but which I know I'd use once then keep in a drawer forever) he measured the signal strength, filled in a form, then went away.
Give me the multimeter meter so I can check the voltage.