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multilingual / многоязычный, многоязыкий
имя прилагательное
multilingual, polyglot
имя прилагательное
in or using several languages.
a multilingual dictionary
As a result, Singapore and Malaysia are multilingual countries.
It is therefore a challenge to applied linguists to see how education systems can contribute to the promotion of more just multilingual societies.
It is also timely given the growing interest in multilingual information retrieval involving East Asian languages.
Given the diverse populations and multilingual settings, bilingual education may be assumed to have been in order.
A once multilingual population is on the way to becoming monolingual or at the best bilingual.
This model, to a certain extent, has encouraged students to be multilingual in their ethnic language, Indonesian and English.
Many Indians are multilingual and speak several Indian languages.
Our students have to become multilingual with English as their second language.
This is perhaps the most multilingual area in the world.
Pinpointing the source of crosslinguistic influences in the interlanguage of a multilingual speaker is less straightforward.