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multilateral / многосторонний
имя прилагательное
multilateral, versatile, multi-faceted, diversified, many-sided, all-around
имя прилагательное
agreed upon or participated in by three or more parties, especially the governments of different countries.
multilateral negotiations
On the regional level, there has been an extraordinary proliferation of multilateral organizations and agreements.
I will continue to seek solutions to the problems of this region through dialog and multilateral diplomacy.
The Prime Minister says that she is supporting the multilateral approach of the United Nations.
The world is a safer place when multilateral processes are followed and the international rule of law upheld.
As a result, a multilateral nuclear arms race may erupt, which will pose a great danger to the world.
He was outlining our multilateral disarmament policy.
The role and relative importance of multilateral institutions have already changed too.
In 1992 he was appointed director of multilateral policy and two years later director of planning.
What I am satisfied of is that New Zealand has done the right thing in agreeing to be part of this very important multilateral initiative.
It began with individual bankers and advisers giving way to multilateral agencies.