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multifarious / разнообразный, многочисленный и разнообразный
имя прилагательное
diverse, varied, various, diversified, variegated, multifarious
многочисленный и разнообразный
имя прилагательное
many and of various types.
multifarious activities
Secret formulae are invented to create inks to print, in multifarious shades of colour, on specially calibrated paper, to defy counterfeit.
The multifarious diversity so characteristic of Prague court patronage helps to explain the almost contradictory and very varied nature of the art produced by the School of Prague.
Since 1996, when UNESCO declared April 23 as the World Book and Copyright Day, people across the world have been promoting books, reading, literacy and culture in multifarious ways.
It may also be a basic question of vantage point; the view of Boulevard du Temple is arguably the kind of multifarious photograph destined to be read like scattered small print.
Functionally, it is used to host conferences and meetings for the aluminium industry and to inform the public of the multifarious creative uses of assorted aluminium products.
Born in Austro-Hungary, he went to the United States in 1842 and to California in 1849, where he engaged in multifarious activities, including politics, horticulture, and gold-refining.
It is perhaps not surprising that the ebullient Minister, harassed by multifarious problems from all quarters, has lost his cool.
Filmmakers like Bruno Dumont seem to possess an acuteness that allows them to disingenuously suggest the multifarious nature of the beauty and humour that comprise life.
Once the important association between diplomacy and colonialism is outlined the book attempts to unweave the complex transformation from great political and diplomatic structures to a more multifarious international system.
For the next fortnight Aquarian Venus busily stretches your social horizons, whirling and swirling you through various, multifarious , interesting new possibilities.