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multidimensional / многомерный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of or involving several dimensions or aspects.
multidimensional space
Economic indicators focus primarily on income poverty, whereas health indicators provide a measure of the multidimensional nature of poverty.
The quantification of chronic fatigue is problematic because of the multidimensional nature of the condition.
Without a doubt, this is a multidimensional issue that defies a simple response.
This is achieved by the presence of flexible mechanisms that interact in multidimensional networks of regulation at many levels of cellular activities.
The effect is a multidimensional exploration of Irish culture and of the nature of fiction, much influenced by Joyce.
Rather, they seem to use conventional medical diagnoses as one element in a broad, multidimensional approach.
The second issue is the computational complexity of the search over the space of possible multidimensional models.
He worked on conjugate functions in multidimensional euclidean space and the theory of functions of a complex variable.
Critics often claim, furthermore, that the characters are more like types than real, multidimensional people.
Finally, this overly economistic representation of globalization detracts from the multidimensional character of the phenomenon.