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multicultural / относящийся к разным культурам
имя прилагательное
относящийся к разным культурам
multicultural, cross-cultural
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or constituting several cultural or ethnic groups within a society.
multicultural education
As our area is not very multicultural at all, there weren't even any minority groups who could visit and share their culture.
This has given the city a modern, functional and multicultural feel.
We live in a very multicultural society where respect and tolerance are just as important as free speech.
But in a supposedly multicultural society like ours, it seems crazy that it should enjoy a monopoly.
At the core of my identity as an Australian is our multicultural and multireligious society.
The festival last week was charged with a modern-day energy and a multicultural feel.
They facilitate the exploration of local identity and are a way of engaging people in multicultural dialogues.
I was used to people inviting me to join them for all kinds of multicultural menus.
Being truly multicultural should involve respecting all cultures and traditions, she said.
The Victorian terraces are owned and rented by a cross section of London's multicultural population.