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mulligan / муллиган
имя существительное
a stew made from odds and ends of food.
The whole painting is a mulligan stew of form and gesture.
(in informal golf) an extra stroke allowed after a poor shot, not counted on the scorecard.
Our 42nd president was another authority figure well-known for mulligans , not counting shots, and fluffing up his score.
But unfortunately, the film also tries to be a suspense thriller, a love story, and god knows what else, until it finally becomes what they used to call mulligan stew.
Being that Tully is a super senior golfer we allowed him a mulligan off the first tee.
If you take a mulligan , then the second putt is performed as to how you aimed and powered it.
Other examples of under-counting allow taking a first-tee mulligan or recording net pars on a round started but not completed because of bad weather.
Later Mrs. Blake recalled how the troop used to hike out to Brown's Gulch and cook a ‘ mulligan .’
Ms. Chalmers shows how a simple beef stew can become a hearty mulligan , a Belgian carbonnade, a French boeuf bourguignon, or your own less classic invention.
Instead, he seems never to have acknowledged such boundaries, seeing culture more as a mulligan stew than as an endeavor replete with categorical divisions and hierarchies.
Other than a few staunch golfing purists, most of us believe in the concept of taking a mulligan .
The whole painting is a mulligan stew of form and gesture.
So let me get this straight: You want to take mulligans and conceded putts so that you can do well in a tournament, but at the same time not have your handicap be affected?