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mullet / кефаль
имя существительное
имя существительное
a chiefly marine fish that is widely caught for food.
Similarly large lateral forces relative to thrust force have been observed in trout (Drucker and Lauder, in preparation), mullet , and danio.
a hairstyle in which the hair is cut short at the front and sides and left long in back.
They all had a variety of hair styles; mullets , colored Mohawks, long shaggy hair, sleek spikes.
a star with five (or more) straight-edged points or rays, as a charge or a mark of cadency for a third son.
He stated the mullet /star is the basic symbol of the Scottish clan DOUGLAS.
Anyone with that blonde mullet should keep a low profile.
On the coast you saltwater fly fishers can expect to catch bass, mullet , garfish, flounders and mackerel.
At Christchurch I have seen this method produced some good bags of the thin-lipped mullet .
And at the end of the book he thought a blonde mullet and moustache was a good disguise.
The fashion conscious would not hesitate in answering - they have all sported a mullet hairstyle.
He stated the mullet /star is the basic symbol of the Scottish clan DOUGLAS.
To serve, arrange the red mullet fillets on four warmed plates and spoon the mushrooms over or alongside them.
Georges' wife, who works for a successful editor, is concerned: not least for their monosyllabic son, Pierrot, a young swimming champ who sports an unlikely curly mullet .
Joni sports a mid-range wrestler mullet and a purple wrestling suit to match it.
A mullet is a fish that tastes horrid and very few people like them.