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mullah / мулла
имя существительное
mullah, moolah
имя существительное
a Muslim learned in Islamic theology and sacred law.
The family gathers near sunset in the presence of a mullah , who reads from the Qu'ran and recites prayers for the dead over the food.
The samaj deals with issues such as the maintenance of the local mosque, support of a mullah , and settling village disputes.
And being a member of the clergy or a mullah or some other cleric does not render you an expert on social affairs, or an authority on how people should be permitted to live their lives.
Most town mosques are cared for and staffed by a mullah , who conducts religious services at the mosque as well as funerals, weddings, and blessings.
A Shiite mullah or imam of such huge importance can't be underestimated.
It was first created in Lebanon in 1975 by Imam Mussa Sadr, an Iranian mullah who had become leader of the Shi'ite community there.
Among Muslims, the mullah or priest will visit a house within three days of the birth of a boy to recite holy words, including the Call to Prayer, in the baby's ear.
No women can become a priest in the Orthodox church or a mullah among Muslims.
Muslims in those hard corners don't need a mullah Martin Luther, they need freedom from fear.
Not only have you joined the ranks of the morally obtuse, but you have done so with an arrogance that would astound a mullah issuing a fatwa.
She surprised the gathering, comprising local devotees and mediapersons, when she disclosed that she hailed from a Muslim family and her father is a mullah .