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mule / мул, мюль, упрямец
имя существительное
mule, twiner
beast, stubborn beggar, bullhead, mule, bullet-head
mew, meow, miaow, miaou, mule, mewl
whine, ache, complain, hurt, nag, mule
whine, snivel, whimper, whinge, pule, mule
имя существительное
the offspring of a donkey and a horse (strictly, a male donkey and a female horse), typically sterile and used as a beast of burden.
The Israelites used various beasts of burden - mules , horses, camels and oxen.
a hybrid plant or animal, especially a sterile one.
Finch mules have always been more difficult to breed than the canaries or finches themselves, but some were less difficult than others.
a kind of spinning machine producing yarn on spindles, invented by Samuel Crompton (1753–1827) in 1779.
His near contemporary, the shy and upright Samuel Crompton invented the spinning mule that allowed Britain to corner the market in fine-spun cottons.
a coin with the obverse and reverse of designs not originally intended to be used together.
There are three recognised mule coins from the Republic of India.
a slipper or light shoe without a back.
Throwbacks to a swell fashion trend of yesteryear, they spice up any pair of shoes, from ballet flats to mules or slinky stilettos.
A total of 989 female ducks were studied over three generations, as well as 4025 purebred offspring and 4125 male mule offspring.
My mother dumped me like an old mule to be left for death.
Another local farmer, Neil Heseltine, from Malham, was awarded a prize for his local pair of mule gimmer lambs.
The world's first cloned mule was born on May 4, 2003.
I don't think Franzen is particularly gifted but he is a mule .
After the invention of the hand-operated cotton mule spinning machine in the 1760's, that time dropped to 300 hours.
Now, scientists at the University of Idaho have successfully cloned a mule .
There was a farmer who wanted to get rid of this old mule .
Munro shoes also designed the Duet sandal, a sophisticated shoe, that is a hybrid of a mule and sandal.
And I especially loved the part where Trace told Callie he loved her; I almost cried, but not before thinking that Callie is such a mule for being so stubborn.