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mulberry / шелковица, тутовник, тутовое дерево
имя существительное
тутовое дерево
тутовая ягода
имя прилагательное
purple, red, scarlet, florid, red in the face, mulberry
dark-red, murrey, crimson, mulberry, wine-colored, wine-coloured
имя существительное
a small deciduous tree with broad leaves, native to East Asia and long cultivated elsewhere.
In summertime the Ferris hills were a-thrive with greenery; even now, when the sky was bleak, the vivid colours of the maple leaves and the mulberry bush seemed to radiate light.
a dark red or purple color.
a mulberry carpet
a mulberry carpet
Dessert was Suncrest peach galette with mulberry ice cream.
Ripe mulberry fruits, chocolate and a twist of spicy liquorice make this a satisfying wine.
The soft, mulberry fruits in Vina Morande give way to layers of fresh green peppercorns and vanilla spice.
The figures are painted in a mulberry red, sometimes with yellow or white highlights, and they're so intricately painted, a fine brush and a steady hand must have been a necessity.
Joy and love are intertwined, sweet as fresh mulberry wine.
Her mid-length brown hair was decorated with tiny braids and thick mulberry streaks, pinned back in a high ponytail.
Later technology allowed for ink shades of red, green, sepia, black, and mulberry .
The fruit/berry seed category includes red mulberry , elderberry, and the large pit of an unidentified fruit.
The deep red fruit of the mulberry is the everlasting memorial of these true lovers.