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muggy / влажный, спертый, сырой и теплый
имя прилагательное
wet, humid, damp, moist, dewy, muggy
stale, stuffy, close, frowzy, frowsty, muggy
сырой и теплый
suffocating, suffocative, muggy, smothery, choky, suffocant
имя прилагательное
(of the weather) unpleasantly warm and humid.
Came home to warm, muggy weather and, apparently, it rained here at the house.
Southend seemed to suffer the worst of today's storms, but the weathermen say it will remain warm and muggy for a while yet.
The first version was cold and rainy; the second was miserably hot, smotheringly muggy .
Halle rested against the cold steel, refreshing from the muggy outdoor weather, and looked at him blankly.
Came home to warm, muggy weather and, apparently, it rained here at the house.
They walked slowly, as the humid and muggy atmosphere seemed to way them down.
It's so muggy and sticky and every time I breathe in, the air feels disgustingly warm and damp.
Since the room was stuffy and muggy without the air conditioner running all the time, just turning the thing off wasn't an option.
So it was another late night yesterday, made worse by the very hot muggy weather making it almost impossible to get to sleep even with the fan on number two all night.
It was extremely muggy and humid, making anyone who had stayed in there for ten minutes start to sweat.
All that hot muggy weather was really starting to get to me