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muggins / простак, детская карточная игра, простофиля
имя существительное
simpleton, simple, sucker, coot, noddy, muggins
детская карточная игра
muggins, slapjack
dupe, simp, simpleton, ninny, gawk, muggins
имя существительное
a foolish and gullible person (often used humorously to refer to oneself).
muggins has volunteered to do the catering
Guess who got caught today - that's right, muggins - yours truly.
Why he couldn't have done that is beyond me, it was muggins here who had to spend an hour mopping the floor - not to mention all the other nonsense I have to do in the mornings anyway.
muggins has volunteered to do the catering
Of course, this means that muggins has to go and fix the leaky washing machine fitting pdq.
muggins has volunteered to do the catering
The muggins here was driving so had to settle for a diet Coke.
They were flying muggins here to London at a time when it wasn't cheap, so I could meet these music business executives and talk about our fabulous career.
He wasn't paid on time and unlike muggins here he intelligently resigned.
On Tuesday it was pouring with rain and muggins here goes and stands too close to a HUGE puddle of water just as a bus came zipping past.
My e-mail domain expired on Saturday and muggins here hadn't renewed it… doh!