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mufti / муфтий, штатское, штатское платье
имя существительное
plain clothes, mufti
штатское платье
plain clothes, mufti
имя существительное
a Muslim legal expert who is empowered to give rulings on religious matters.
The Muslim community is governed by the Supreme Muslim Council under the Chief Mufti (religious judge), with a hierarchy of regional muftis , imams, and religious teachers.
plain clothes worn by a person who wears a uniform for their job, such as a soldier or police officer.
I was a flying officer in mufti
Irregular forces that choose to fight in mufti and from ambush will be able to dramatically decrease the range.
Even the mufti of the republic joined the bandwagon, urging worshippers before last Friday's prayer to cast their vote.
The killers turned out to be policemen in mufti - employees of the West Bengal government!
A fatwa is a legal statement in Islam, issued by a mufti or a religious lawyer after reference to precedents to decide on an issue of jurisprudence.
I can remember when my father was a uniformed policemen, but more typically I recall him in mufti when he'd been promoted to detective. He was detective inspector in the end, but I was long gone by then.
I do not have robes and I do not have the wherewithal to obtain them and I seek permission of the Court to appear before you in mufti and civvies.
In Hué, the ancient capital, five thousand infiltrators shed peasant mufti to reveal North Vietnamese uniforms.
It was the same night, a well-known director-cinematographer said he was roughed up by an allegedly drunken policeman in mufti .
If he seems a bit stolid throughout, that could be the military man's unease in mufti ; it certainly helps make his credulousness credible.
I pretended to be a kid in mufti (or a teacher, or something that wasn't a red thumb standing out) and went to the school's sessions.