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muffled / закутанный, заглушенный, укутанный
имя прилагательное
muffled, shrouded
muffled, silenced, obtuse, dead-end
имя прилагательное
(of a sound) not loud because of being obstructed in some way; muted.
they heard the sounds of muffled voices
wrap or cover for warmth.
on a chair by the far wall, muffled in an absurd overcoat
The room remained quiet with the exception of a few muffled sobs throughout the space.
This afternoon, however, has the potential to offer Scotland followers a cause for muffled cheers.
However, halfway down the hall, she heard muffled sobs.
The muffled announcement of the next destination filtered through.
From the distance came a sound, a muffled shuffling of many feet.
Harsh fluorescent light would spill out from underneath a door in the corner, along with muffled moans.
He thought he could hear a muffled shout from the bedroom.
There is a sound of muffled laughter from the film crew.
Through the walls, Elaine could hear the muffled tones of her sister talking to her boyfriend.
Dialogue sounds perfectly crisp, with no muffled words or hissing.