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muffle / муфель, глушитель, боксерская перчатка
имя существительное
muffler, silencer, muffle, damper, baffle, baffler
боксерская перчатка
boxing glove, muffler, muffle
choke, drown, muffle, silence, damp, deaden
jam, stifle, muffle
envelop, wrap, shroud, enwrap, muffle, close about
имя прилагательное
deaf, blind, voiceless, outlandish, unvoiced, muffle
имя существительное
a receptacle in a furnace or kiln in which things can be heated without contact with combustion products.
Samples were heated to 450 deg C in a muffle furnace overnight.
wrap or cover for warmth.
on a chair by the far wall, muffled in an absurd overcoat
However, in this case organic C was removed from the sand by muffle furnace, following an initial wash to remove particulate material.
It is difficult to obtain good results from oil heating, even with the muffle furnaces.
Samples were heated to 450 deg C in a muffle furnace overnight.
a muffle furnace
Ash content was determined by combustion for 6 h at 500 deg C in a muffle furnace.
Evidently there were still enough blanks from Jingdezhen for enameling in the muffle kilns of Canton.
His voice echoed throughout the library, faint and muffled .
A bright flash of light broke out and surrounded Ryuma, his screams slightly muffled by the thickness of his own energy.
He was conveyed, gagged and muffled , to the Tower, where he was, through fear of death, compelled to sign his recantation.
The faces and voices around him are blurred and muffled .