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muffin / оладья, горячая сдоба, горячая булочка
имя существительное
fritter, muffin, pancake, leatherjacket, flapjack, slapjack
горячая сдоба
горячая булочка
You can then squeeze out the roasted garlic onto crackers or an English muffin .
Or complement your protein shake with a fat-free bran muffin to add another 5-7 grams.
We are sending you a Guide with 10 tips to combat constipation and a special low-fat pumpkin bran muffin recipe.
As every baker knows, a muffin is a small cake that rises above its metal container.
A waitress came over and I ordered a hot chocolate with a blueberry muffin .
‘Split muffin filled with your choice, topped with cheese and toasted to perfection’ -- so said the menu.
Toast the muffin slices lightly on both sides and butter them.
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Toast the English muffin in the toaster.
Homer should eat a whole-grain muffin instead, or at least add fresh fruit.
Today he's been in her favorite coffee shop and learned what she got everyday; a large black coffee and a blueberry muffin .