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muddle-headed / бестолковый, тупой
имя прилагательное
stupid, goofy, obtuse, incoherent, gormless, muddle-headed
blunt, blunt, stupid, dull, dull, muddle-headed
имя прилагательное
mentally disorganized or confused.
a muddle-headed idealist with utopian views
That unnamed cleric realised something most muddle-headed Western cheerleaders for the ‘resistance’ have so far failed to grasp.
From here, Europe seems muddle-headed , contradictory.
I always thought Wilson was a muddle-headed fool (and in practice, he probably was), but that event changed me.
Most of them are no doubt just muddle-headed , and don't see the inconsistencies and confusions inherent in their view.
Disorganized and misleading reports from muddle-headed reporters create a vicious circle which aggravates the situation.
Some are firmly rooted in political and historical reality - while others are as muddle-headed and detached as the few leftists who claim the U.S.
Of course he actually has no idea where Tom lives, or indeed who Tom is, but that, in his poor muddle-headed , fluffy old mind, is beside the point.
To argue we should be allowed to act unreasonably is entirely muddle-headed and morally wrong.
‘It's just a muddle-headed wrong review,’ says Bailey.
So we try, and try again with well-intentioned, if muddle-headed , purpose - and manage only to annoy ever more people.