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muddle / неразбериха, бестолковщина, беспорядок
имя существительное
confusion, muddle, mix, bewilderment, snafu, welter
muddle, confusion, mess, nonsense
mess, disorder, clutter, confusion, chaos, muddle
darken, muddle
muddle, muss, bumble, ball up, muddle up, muss up
confuse, snarl, knot, clog, confound, muddle
имя существительное
an untidy and disorganized state or collection.
a muddle of French, English, Ojibwa, and a dash of Gaelic
bring into a disordered or confusing state.
they were muddling up the cards
The whole affair was, he insisted, a " muddle rather than a fiddle".
But Mr Ekins said he thought the Government's transport policy was in a muddle .
Instead of lime and sugar, we muddle oranges into the glass and use an orange syrup with the Bacardi.
In a mixing glass, moderately muddle syrup, bitters, mint, orange and lime together.
Small firms are choking to death in a planning process increasingly marked by bureaucratic muddle and delay.
In a shaker, muddle the ginger, add the others, plus ice.
What often becomes shockingly obvious is that the garden is in a muddle .
They'll quickly realise that their things can't be found in a muddle , or that clothes don't walk to the washing machine on their own.
Still, I certainly and completely understand why you're all in a muddle .
Liberals gravitate toward the gray to muddy the waters, to muddle people's thinking.