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mucous / слизистый
имя прилагательное
slimy, mucous, mucilaginous, pituitary, pituitous
имя прилагательное
relating to, producing, covered with, or of the nature of mucus.
Blood loss through the rectum, mucous discharge, altered bowel habit, and straining are common features of recurrent rectal cancer.
In addition, cool mist moistens secretions, soothes inflamed mucosa, and decreases the viscosity of mucous secretions.
Rubbing your eye can lead to encrusted eyelids, mucous discharge and further irritation.
The mucous film covering his eyes was an infection that was treated successfully with antibiotic drops.
There are different types - some are filled with a watery liquid, and others with a thicker, mucous substance.
A daily ration of these herbs helps to thin mucous secretions and clears lung congestion, which is often a problem for emphysema sufferers.
Various therapies have been proposed to treat digital mucous cysts.
If this mucous blockage lasts too long, bacteria sometimes multiply to excess because they seem to thrive on any blocked body system.
They stop acid being produced and give the stomach's protective, mucous lining time to heal itself.
Very occasional mucous cells were interspersed with the columnar cells.
It's a licorice extract that is nontoxic, that increases the mucous coating in the esophagus and makes it more resistant to acid.