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muckraking / дотошные
имя существительное
the action of searching out and publicizing scandalous information about famous people in an underhanded way.
candidacy was threatened by her opponent's muckraking
This week on the Media Report we talk to prominent US journalists trying to halt the slide from genuine investigation to sensationalist muckraking .
candidacy was threatened by her opponent's muckraking
They didn't want to inflame the envy of common people; they didn't want to expose themselves to muckraking scrutiny; they didn't want to endanger the security of their families.
Mainstream journalists used to leave such muckraking to the denizens of the swamp where tabloid reporters reside. Not any more.
As usual, Jack has done a first-rate job of muckraking , but there is no way to disguise that boxing is planned savagery.
a muckraking journalist
Schlosser does nothing more than repackage some of the same tired old myths about capitalism that earlier generations of muckraking socialists perpetrated.
The rise of mass-circulation monthly magazines with an appreciative, national middle-class audience in the 1890s brought yet another sign of the reporter's authority: muckraking .
Since then, the magazine has gained fame for its relentless muckraking .
Rumours and muckraking is the stock in trade of the government and it came out public.