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muck / грязь, навоз, дрянь
имя существительное
mud, dirt, sludge, filth, grime, muck
manure, dung, muck, droppings, ordure
stuff, trash, lousy, muck, rotter, yuck
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, ruin, mar, muck
besmirch, smudge, stain, dirty, soil, muck
muck, manure, dress
имя существительное
dirt, rubbish, or waste matter.
I'll just clean the muck off the windshield
mishandle (a job or situation); spoil (something).
she had mucked up her first few weeks at college
remove (manure and other dirt) from a horse's stable or other animal's dwelling.
He'd asked me to muck a few horses out and I decided to take a radio down to keep myself entertained.
spread manure on (land).
Help muck the fields and move hay.
the muck that passes for music in the pop charts
The bomb craters were so deep we couldn't walk down into them, so we struggled around their rims like ants, fighting for a purchase in dirt, muck and shattered roots.
Help muck the fields and move hay.
A muck of built-up sewage and slime sits at the bottom of the deep, slow-moving, polluted water.
Apart from the litter have you also noticed the amount of muck and dirt on the roads this winter?
When the Victorians planted them the only problem was sheep muck and cow muck .
Fly tipped garden rubbish is as much a stain on the countryside as dog muck and litter.
This was an isolated incident, but residents were angry about the amount of muck , dirt and stones coming off each site on the lorries' wheels.
Besides, America is a country with widespread muck and mire, as you may have noticed from our presidential campaign.
A Kendal farmer was landed with a £300 fine this week after putting wildlife at risk by polluting a stream with watery cow muck .