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mozzarella / моцарелла
имя существительное
имя существительное
a mild, semisoft white Italian cheese, often used in Italian cooking as a melted topping, especially on pizzas.
Long gone are the days of cheddar cheese versus mozzarella , of white milk versus chocolate.
Jayne enjoyed her dish which consisted of mushrooms, tomatoes and herbs, topped with mozzarella cheese and crispy bread crumbs.
Put half a teaspoon of mozzarella and tomato on top with a small trickle of pesto.
It was a huge bowl filled with the thick spicy cold vegetable soup and contrasting soft white balls of mozzarella .
The waiter sets down the plate of mozzarella , tomatoes and basil that we ordered.
Sales of cheese, especially mozzarella , have climbed over the past two years.
Place the sliced mozzarella on two of the slices of bread and top with the remaining slices to make two large cheese sandwiches.
Down the road from the farm is the local co-operative dairy, where they make the famed mozzarella cheese from the buffalo milk.
Even eating a slice of Italian sausage pizza with extra mozzarella had become a patriotic act.
To turn this salad into a complete meal, add mozzarella cheese or blue cheese.
We had salad with fresh mozzarella cheese and homemade dressing with peppercorn.