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moving / подвижной, движущийся, двигающийся
имя прилагательное
mobile, movable, moving, moveable, running, traveling
moving, shifting, locomotive
moving, underway, about
имя прилагательное
in motion.
a fast-moving river
producing strong emotion, especially sadness or sympathy.
an unforgettable and moving book
relating to the process of changing one's residence.
moving expenses
involving a moving vehicle.
tickets for moving violations
go in a specified direction or manner; change position.
she stood up and moved to the door
change or cause to change from one state, opinion, sphere, or activity to another.
the school moved over to the new course in 1987
make progress; develop in a particular manner or direction.
aircraft design had moved forward a long way
spend one's time or be socially active in (a particular sphere) or among (a particular group of people).
they moved in different circles of friends
propose for discussion and resolution at a meeting or legislative assembly.
she intends to move an amendment to the bill
This program will focus on developing programs to support secondary age students through the moving process.
Don't write anything fancy on the back of a ticket for a moving violation when pleading not guilty, suggests Longo.
The speed and spectacle of the moving image left the painted canvas far behind.
A moving particle will carry with it the energy of its motion, which the physicists call kinetic energy.
Shops closed for business and all operations ceased as family and colleagues gathered for the moving repatriation ceremony.
Her classmates wrote a moving tribute too, remembering the friend they had lost.
We have received a very warm welcome and have found the experience very moving .
The resultant bug-eyed chaos is hilarious and oddly moving .
The only motion was made by the softly moving vapor clouds of our own breath.
The state funeral for Reagan was a beautiful, moving service and I'd like to just leave it at that.