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moviegoer / кинозритель
имя существительное
moviegoer, cinema-goer, film-goer
имя существительное
a person who goes to the movies, especially regularly.
You are a regular moviegoer so you have seen all this before.
A regular moviegoer with a conventional grasp of history would simply call it phony.
You are a regular moviegoer so you have seen all this before.
Do you feel that Hollywood has kind of been missing what moviegoers want to see?
To the young - the critical moviegoing demographic - moviegoing is at least as much a social event as about seeing the movie.
There seems to be a bit of disparity among critics and moviegoers over the verdict on Tim Burton's recent film Big Fish.
Frankenstein was chilling for more than a few moviegoers in that black-and-white world.
There's a feast of films vying for moviegoers ' attention this season.
However, an important part of the moviegoing experience comes in the talking after the watching.
Personally, my parents (bless them) started taking me to see (mostly French) films with subtitles when I was about ten, and I tend to see them as just a normal part of moviegoing .
Very, very sweet weekend at the box office, Kyra, as moviegoers continued on their oh so fabulous candy binge.