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mover / двигатель, инициатор, движущая сила
имя существительное
engine, motor, mover
initiator, originator, mover, pioneer, author
движущая сила
driving force, motive force, motive power, momentum, mover, impetus
author, writer, creator, composer, originator, mover
имя существительное
a person or thing in motion, especially an animal.
this horse is a lovely mover and jumper
a person who makes a formal proposal at a meeting or in an assembly.
movers and seconders rise and give speeches
this horse is a lovely mover and jumper
When the annexation of Belgium was decreed on 1 October 1795 the mover of the proposal, Merlin de Douai, also recommended the annexation of the entire left bank of the Rhine.
Your mover can also provide you with boxes especially made for moving.
He's not a mover like his brother - his brother moves extremely well.
I see that Senator Missen was the mover of this motion.
Matt Wrack, mover of the successful democratisation of the political fund resolution at the firefighters' FBU conference last year, has agreed to write a pamphlet on the issue for the alliance.
Leon Kass, America's chief bioethicist, is at the forefront of the battle against stem-cell research, and has been the key mover behind some severe restrictions on stem cell research.
she's a lovely mover
Head of audit operations in the UK, Riaz Shah, was the chief mover behind the decision.
To cap it all, a mover of one of the 13 composited motions, one Clair Wilcox from Streatham CLP, withdrew her motion in favour of a call for unity.