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mouthpiece / мундштук, рупор, выразитель
имя существительное
mouthpiece, cigarette holder, bit, neck, embouchure, snout
horn, speaker, mouthpiece, bullhorn, trumpet, speaking trumpet
имя существительное
a thing designed to be put in or against the mouth.
the snorkel's mouthpiece
a person or organization that speaks on behalf of another person or organization.
they become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the company
You'll likely use a metered-dose inhaler - a hand-held device with a mouthpiece - to take inhaled medications.
I bite hard on my regulator mouthpiece with the shock, and my face quickly goes numb.
the snorkel's mouthpiece
An all-purpose foam helmet and a mouthpiece shall be worn by the soccer goalie for protective purposes.
It is a wind instrument characterized by a tube-like shape, a whistle mouthpiece , and eight finger holes.
It's very clear that those six stories differ from stories where a person speaks through a mouthpiece , like a lawyer or a family member.
The punch knocked Mosley's mouthpiece out and it was the most telling blow of the round.
he shouted into the mouthpiece, but there was no response
I was never going to betray my country or become a propaganda mouthpiece for anyone.
Remove the mouthpiece cover and place the spacer over the mouthpiece at the end of the inhaler.