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mouthful / полный рот, глоток, кусок
имя существительное
полный рот
sip, drink, gulp, mouthful, swallow, draft
piece, chunk, lump, bit, bite, mouthful
небольшое количество
little, bit, dollop, sprinkling, mouthful, wee
труднопроизносимое слово
mouthful, jawbreaker, tongue-twister
имя существительное
a quantity of food or drink that fills or can be put into the mouth.
he took a mouthful of beer
a long or complicated word or phrase that is difficult to say.
“Galinsoga” was too much of a mouthful for most nonbotanists
St Nicholas Fields Conservation Group is a bit of a mouthful , and becomes the Friends of St Nicholas Fields.
Liitoja was definitely on the cranky side a few years ago when he came up with the title's fatalistic mouthful of words.
I'm not going to even pretend to understand in any detail how this mouthful of an acronym really works.
During the second I was under I swallowed a mouthful of salt water and got plenty in my eyes.
“Galinsoga” was too much of a mouthful for most nonbotanists
savor the flavor of each mouthful
Elissa plonked her books on a space beside her and took a mouthful of rice.
he took a mouthful of beer
It was just that no one was willing to replace a pithy phrase with either an ugly acronym or a yawn-inducing mouthful .
Her name is a bit of a mouthful too, so everyone calls her Jen, and she's thirteen.