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mouth-to-mouth / искусственное дыхание
имя существительное
искусственное дыхание
artificial respiration, mouth-to-mouth
имя существительное
mouth-to-mouth respiration.
All of our staff are fully trained in First Aid and a teacher, Robert Marks, administered mouth-to-mouth .
имя прилагательное
denoting a method of artificial respiration in which a person breathes into an unconscious patient's lungs through the mouth.
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
It's the stereotype of the helpless girl in the water who wakes up to find a lifeguard giving her mouth-to-mouth , like Prince Charming.
Until medical personnel arrive, mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing and chest compressions can buy valuable time by keeping blood and oxygen flowing to the brain and heart.
I also made sure William's father was doing mouth-to-mouth correctly.
‘The doorman who gave her mouth-to-mouth received a commendation from the paramedics,’ he said.
An off-duty firefighter gave mouth-to-mouth to the casualty until the ambulance arrived.
He managed to revive her using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, before paramedics took her to intensive care at Bath Royal United Hospital.
Okay, I was on the brink of suffocating, and here they were fighting over who was going to give me mouth-to-mouth .
I began massaging his chest, and give him mouth-to-mouth , Mr Dance then came to help and the little boy began spluttering.
In a recent meeting, medical directors of emergency medical services agreed that attempting to talk 911 callers through mouth-to-mouth procedures wasted valuable time.
My sister gave him mouth-to-mouth until they arrived and rushed him to hospital but Carl died later.