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moustache / усы, ус
имя существительное
mustache, whisker, moustache
mustache, runner, barb, flagellum, moustache
имя существительное
a strip of hair left to grow above the upper lip.
The soldier is played by Basim Hamed, a willowy, 31-year-old sculptor who shaved his shoulder-length hair and grew a mustache for the part.
I, for one, would never consider voting for anyone who couldn't grow a moustache , at the very least.
The cattle dog's harsh tousled coat (except on the head where it is shorter and flat), its moustache and little beard all give it a forbidding appearance.
He's described as 5'11 in height and of medium build with tightly cropped hair and a ginger moustache .
The Clay-colored can be distinguished from the Chipping by a brown, rather than gray, rump, a darker face pattern, and the absence of a moustache .
I waddled jovially around the apartment in my Santa suit, laughing through the beard's tiny mouth hole like a walrus blowing through its moustache .
He is of a medium build and has short grey receding hair and a moustache .
He was swarthy and well-built, with dark hair and a moustache .
I was in Germany for over a month, long enough to learn to appreciate the white beer, not long enough to grow a moustache .
One had a black moustache and had his hair tied up.
Izzy is described as a green parakeet with an orangey-red ring around his neck, a big, red beak with a black moustache and 28-inch tail feathers.