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mournful / скорбный, печальный, траурный
имя прилагательное
mournful, sorrowful, doleful, woeful, lamentable, distressful
sad, sorrowful, mournful, deplorable, dismal, tragic
mourning, funereal, mournful, sable, sorrowful, lugubrious
имя прилагательное
feeling, expressing, or inducing sadness, regret, or grief.
the third boy stared fixedly at me with mournful, basset-hound eyes
Fleet, meanwhile, has the resigned and mournful air of a dog who knows the precise trick his master requires him to perform in return for dinner.
Quite obviously, there is a deeply mournful element to the novel.
Gradually throughout the 1920s the Anzac Day service became less and less akin to a mournful funeral.
Winter was over but there was room for a twinge of regret, it seemed to me, and a little mournful Polish fatalism.
A voiceover started up, relaying a message of mournful defiance - I have completely forgotten what it said.
He came over and sat by my chair, a look of mournful regret on his open honest little face.
Perhaps it was the heat, the lack of dinner in my belly, or some deep animal instinct, but I suddenly felt the urge to tip my head back and howl like a mournful dog.
Everett had a very deep bass voice that sounded perpetually gloomy and mournful when a person wasn't used to him.
The answer is emphatic, the expression on the face is mournful .
The villagers all line the dock, tears welling in their respective eyes, waving a mournful farewell to the departing sailors.