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mounting / монтаж, установка, оправа
имя существительное
mounting, assembling, assembly, montage, erection, fitting
installation, setting, plant, mounting, facility, adjustment
rim, frame, setting, mount, mounting, casing
имя прилагательное
mounting, assembly
mounting, adjusting
climbing, mounting
имя существительное
a backing, setting, or support for something.
he pulled the curtain rod from its mounting
the action of mounting something.
the mounting of rapid-fire guns
Aggressive behaviors included pecking the male, bill snapping, reverse mounting , and frontal attack, which resulted in aerial grappling.
An enormous gun is mounted on a large-radius rotating mounting over the stern.
the mounting of rapid-fire guns
he pulled the curtain rail from its mounting
‘Now that we have some of those players back, I feel we are capable of mounting that assault,’ said Anderson.
It was discovered that the heavy mortar and its robust mount provided a very stable mounting , which allowed a high degree of control for the machine gun.
But extra maternal androgens are associated with higher rates of aggression and mounting in both sexes, the study finds.
Most of this reduction in time was realized as a result of not having to wait for the developing and mounting of conventional 35-mm film.
Villanova Players has been part of the Brisbane community theatre scene for a very long time and has a history of mounting fairly groundbreaking work.
That is the luggage space now that the engine has been moved up to the more conventional mounting at the front.