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mountaineering / альпинизм
имя существительное
mountaineering, alpinism
имя существительное
the sport or activity of climbing mountains.
Most mountaineering trainers say that rock climbing is all in the head.
Nowadays, people go for the skiing and mountaineering , and it's a lot quieter than most of the big alpine resorts.
If you are planning adventure activities such as scuba diving or mountaineering , ensure these are covered by your policy.
Hinged crampons are used for mountaineering and snow climbing, not ice climbing.
She will also try her hand at ice climbing, mountaineering and trekking.
My mountaineering partner, John, and I have had to cancel our climbing expedition to Tibet.
Training included general mountaineering skills such as outdoor cooking and camping in snow caves.
Equipment failure in rock climbing and mountaineering is extraordinarily rare.
For a small nation we have made remarkable contributions to world mountaineering throughout the sport's history.
As with mountaineering and tobogganing, few members of a film audience have first-hand experience of sky-diving.
a mountaineering expedition