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mount / монтировать, устанавливать, восходить
mount, install, assemble, edit, fit, cut
install, set, establish, place, set up, mount
ascend, rise, go up, go back, date back, mount
имя существительное
mountain, mount, hill
rim, frame, setting, mount, mounting, casing
hill, mound, knoll, rise, mount, height
имя существительное
a backing or setting on which a photograph, gem, or work of art is set for display.
These are fourteen-by-seventeen-inch platinum prints, each in art deco mounts and signed by Curtis.
a support for a gun, camera, or similar piece of equipment.
Jonah rigged up a narrow plywood sheet with screws threaded in at various points; it's now our camera mount and steadicam in one.
a horse being ridden or that is available for riding.
he hung onto his mount's bridle
a mountain or hill (archaic except in place names).
Mount Etna
climb up (stairs, a hill, or other rising surface).
he mounted the steps to the front door
organize and initiate (a campaign or other significant course of action).
the company had successfully mounted takeover bids
grow larger or more numerous.
the costs mount up when you buy a home
place or fix (an object) in its operating position.
fluorescent lights are mounted on the ceiling
This permits the male to mount her back and attempt copulation by curling his abdomen to clasp her genitalia.
The eyepiece is quickly and easily affixed with a three point bayonet mount .
Did you feel that, whatever the drawbacks, it was still important to mount an Asian play on Broadway?
Regular jockey Jeremy Rose has the mount on Afleet Alex in the Juvenile and the pair will start from post three in the field of eight.
And problems continued to mount up from abroad as well.
Richard Hughes picks up the mount after jockey Olivier Peslier was injured this week.
Though she was confident in her mount 's abilities, she says bringing home the gold was a surprise.
If you have let debts mount up on an array of cards, the solution is to switch to a lower rate credit card.
Mating takes place at the surface, often an ungainly procedure involving much rolling about and waving of flippers as the amorous male tries to mount the female.
She frequently hires Tucker to mount and frame art images she finds in publications and on postcards.