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mound / курган, насыпь, холм
имя существительное
mound, barrow, tumulus
mound, embankment, bank, fill, terrace, banquette
hill, mound, knoll, rise, mount, height
делать насыпь
mound, bank
насыпать холм
имя существительное
a rounded mass projecting above a surface.
In early summer, foot-long flower stalks poke above the mounds of leaves.
a ball representing the earth, used as part of royal regalia, e.g., on top of a crown, typically of gold and surmounted by a cross.
The importance of this conclusion to Brook was that it seemed to supply evidence that there had been a mound and cross above the arches of the crown before the present ones, which he felt sure were of French workmanship and dated from the 1540 reconstruction of the crown.
heap up into a rounded pile.
mound the pie filling slightly in the center
He runs down, only to discover it's a mound of garbage.
Their mountain is a rather humble affair - more of a mound than a mountain.
Chemrey Monastery, in Ladakh, perches at 3000m on a rocky mound among the arid mountain tops of the Himalayas.
This is especially important when dining at restaurants that mound enough for two on a plate for one.
And, he also can take comfort in the fact he's got a pretty smart pitcher on the mound who thrives on mental challenges.
There was a toppling pile of presents on the dining room table and a mound of pancakes waiting for her.
Jake flipped over and spread his arms across the grassy mound he lay upon.
The raiding party had taken with them only the simplest of tools: but as they dug into the mound over the sarcophagus they were soon stopped by the heavy stonework.
Through the dust we saw the bricks in a mound upon the floor.
We lunched on chicken drumsticks, sat on a mound of sand; shielding our faces from the wind in our floppy hoods before hunting for shells and stones.