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moult / линька
имя существительное
molt, molting, moult, moulting, mew, exuviation
molt, fade, moult, run, bleed, lose color
the mountain goat is brilliant white after the autumn moult
As suggested by Plotnick, this determination is not easily made on the basis of the fossils alone as all portions of the preservable integument may potentially be sufficiently well represented in molts .
These birds molt twice a year changing between alternate and basic (winter or non-breeding) plumage.
Birds eating balanced diets should have no trouble satisfying their nutritional needs during a molt .
While all feathers wear, they are replaced regularly by the molt processes.
They molt twice a year, the first molt , after breeding, gives the males their eclipse plumage.
Each year chickens molt , often looking quite ugly, but are rewarded with new and sturdy feathers.
Unlike most birds with different breeding and non-breeding plumages, buntings molt only once a year.
At concentrations of 5 ppb and above, however, the number of molts increased with an average of one third of the animals undergoing molts .
When the lobster grows, it undergoes a process called molting , when the animal sheds its old exoskeleton and grows a new, larger one.