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motto / девиз, лозунг, эпиграф
имя существительное
motto, slogan, device, word, posy, bearing
slogan, motto, watchword, cry, catchword, formula
epigraph, motto
имя существительное
a short sentence or phrase chosen as encapsulating the beliefs or ideals guiding an individual, family, or institution.
the school motto, “Serve and obey”
the school motto, “Serve and obey”
Assuming that to be the case, all connected with the sport will hope the Baxter family motto proves accurate.
But logic requires that he extend the idea of a motto beyond the schools and into other public institutions.
His views did not win general support, even within the association, which, however, later adopted the phrase as a motto .
he soon adopted the motto “work hard and play hard.”
His family motto epitomises the Giffards' traditional love of hunting.
I think America should adopt the motto of one of my heroes, General Vinegar Joe Stillwell.
Last week that phrase had become the defining motto and operating credo for the military and foreign policy of the Bush administration.
Elgar rarely states the motto in full, and yet its presence haunts the entire work.
the family motto is ‘Faithful though Unfortunate’