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mottle / крапинка, пятнышко
имя существительное
speck, spot, fleck, speckle, mottle
speck, spot, dot, mote, speckle, mottle
streak, dot, speckle, dapple, flecker, mottle
покрывать крапинками
fleck, mottle
имя существительное
an irregular arrangement of spots or patches of color.
the ship was a mottle of khaki and black
mark with spots or smears of color.
the cow's coat was light red mottled with white
Cold Mountain was a mottle of colour, rising behind the house.
the ship was not dull grey as distance had suggested, but a mottle of khaki and black and olive green
the ship was a mottle of khaki and black
As he got close to the woman, he could see only her face and her hair, and they were mottled with mud.
The woman was wearing a short sleeved beige top and her bare arms were mottled red from the cold.
There was a bruise on her cheekbone and her forearms were mottled with them.
Her calves, soles, toes, palms, and fingertips were dark red and mottled .
Remarkably, however, the rooms on the second floor below show little sign of decay, bar some mottles on the ceiling.
The bald skin is mottled with age spots, which have gone crusty.
Tobacco mosaic is a virus that mottles leaves, stunts plants, and reduces yields.