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motorway / автомагистраль, автострада, автотрасса
имя существительное
motorway, highway, thruway, high road, throughway
motorway, highway, expressway, autostrada, autobahn, speedway
имя существительное
an expressway.
He complained that it was unnecessary to spend €1.3bn on building this motorway .
What other explanation can there be for maintaining a 50 mph limit on a clear three-lane motorway ?
The final stretch of Ireland's longest motorway will be officially opened by Taoiseach Bertie Ahern today.
It was dusk and that stretch of motorway wasn't lit.
Two of the vehicles caught fire and the section of motorway was closed for five-and-a-half hours as wreckage was cleared.
Sections of motorway were shut down due to gale force winds.
He got a perverse enjoyment out of seeing people undertake him on quiet stretches of motorway and wondered why they got so hot under the collar.
But the proposed new motorway could carry 55,000 cars a day on this stretch of road.
Vehicles travelled along the Wiltshire stretch of motorway at 56 mph — the speed HGVs are limited to.
At the moment, usage of the M6 is limited by the fact that, during a large part of the day, the number of cars on that motorway exceed its capacity.
There is a possible case for one more motorway in Britain, hugging the east coast as closely as practicable - not very closely, as it happens.