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motorize / моторизовать, электрифицировать
motorize, mechanize
electrify, motorize, electricize, electrize
equip (a vehicle or device) with a motor to operate or propel it.
a motorized wheelchair
However, during the creation of the German Armored Force, Guderian's request to motorize heavy artillery battalions was turned down.
In 1930 Weygand launched a programme to motorize seven infantry divisions and he initiated the creation of an armoured division in the cavalry in October 1933.
This was different from its usual role of supporting a motorised infantry battalion.
The farming industry was crying out for a small motorised vehicle that could handle hills even a horse baulked at.
The first motorised vehicle Sir Chris Bonington drove was a tank.
World War II saw the development of motorized and armored divisions combining infantry, artillery, tanks, and air support.
We have enjoyed offering the first real computerized, motorized wheelchair; we have a huge market in that area.
By World War II armies were fully motorized and tanks played a major part in the North African Campaign and at the Eastern Front.
On 8 March 1937, the motorized divisions started their attack.
He was driving in his Land Rover, the only working motorized vehicle for miles.