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motive / мотив, повод, побуждение
имя существительное
motive, tune, reason, cause, ground, air
occasion, reason, cause, rein, bridle, motive
motivation, impulse, prompting, urge, motive, inducement
имя прилагательное
moving, driving, motive, propelling, propellant, motor
motor, locomotor, motive, locomotive, motional, propeller
urge, incite, motivate, induce, impel, motive
stimulate, promote, induce, motivate, propel, motive
motivate, motive
имя прилагательное
producing physical or mechanical motion.
the charge of gas is the motive force for every piston stroke
causing or being the reason for something.
the motive principle of a writer's work
имя существительное
a reason for doing something, especially one that is hidden or not obvious.
a motive for his murder
(in art, literature, or music) a motif.
the entire work grows organically from the opening horn motive
This is the predominant trichord of most sets and functions as a signature motive .
It serves as a kind of a triggering mechanism, a motive force of military ideology.
Police believe robbery was the motive for the attack.
The harmonic and rhythmic tension in this motive is palpable.
Either his motive alone was sufficient reason to suspect him, or it wasn't.
Wind turbines, also known as wind mills, use the wind as their motive force.
Detectives said yesterday that they had not yet established a motive for the double murder, but believed it might have been linked to a domestic dispute.
Looking back now, it seems to me that nothing has changed and that it was only a matter of days before profit was re-established as the system's principal motive force.
Its motive force is protection and care, but it does not give enough space to personal liberty.
It is not a part of the real motive forces of the revolution.