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motivate / мотивировать, стимулировать, побуждать
motivate, motive
stimulate, promote, induce, motivate, propel, pep
urge, incite, motivate, induce, impel, prompt
provide (someone) with a motive for doing something.
he was primarily motivated by the desire for profit
However, one of the main reasons behind this particular course, was to motivate the children as regards to school attendance and classroom work.
I'm going to motivate kids to study civics
he said he would motivate funds to upgrade the food stalls
It is my responsibility to motivate volunteers and provide them with the tools required to do their jobs successfully.
Your interest can motivate her to stay on and take exams.
He provides customised training, designed to motivate staff and help them achieve peak performance.
The biggest difficulty you have in this job is not to motivate the players but to get them relaxed enough to express their talent.
What separates exceptional leaders from ordinary leaders is the ability to inspire and motivate employees.
The desire for peer approval and acceptance can motivate young women to act in healthy or hurtful ways, either individually or in groups.
But even that will do little to motivate employees if the job feels like a dead end.