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motif / лейтмотив, основная тема, кружевное украшение
имя существительное
leitmotif, keynote, leitmotiv, motif, motive
основная тема
motif, motive
кружевное украшение
главная мысль
motive, motif
имя существительное
a decorative design or pattern.
T-shirts featuring spiral motifs
superstition is a recurring motif in the book
the nautical motif of his latest novel
He was wearing a light grey hooded top with a sports motif on the front and light grey bottoms.
He was last seen wearing a baseball cap with a crocodile motif , a black sweatshirt and dark blue jeans.
The motif (golf, surf) can be customized to suit the distributor's customer.
Could Beethoven have really called to mind this Handel motif when conceiving the final movement of his last quartet?
Their elaborate dance of courtship, which cannot call itself by that name, is the film's central motif .
the motif in the second violin is submerged by the first violin's countermelody
The relationship between land, landscape, and technological progress has always been a dominant motif in the American experience and its telling.
Their wood was carved with geometric patterns, especially a spiral motif (symbolising ‘mother earth’) similar to that on Georgian coins.