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mother-to-be / мать-к-быть
имя существительное
a woman who is expecting a baby.
Something that I feel is important about being a mother is telling other mothers or mothers-to-be what it is really like.
As the rumour that women who give birth in the store receive a £500 gift voucher spread, mothers-to-be have been seen loitering around the floors with no intention of making any purchases.
The report - written by medics from the University of Glasgow - found that one in five mothers-to-be who came for their first antenatal visit between 2002 and 2004 was clinically obese.
There are fears that cases of rubella, also known as german measles, will increase owing to declining rates of vaccination with MMR, leaving mothers-to-be at risk of catching it from children.
The researchers suggested that by reducing caffeine intake during pregnancy, mothers-to-be could reduce the risks to their baby.
One private midwife has seen a five-fold increase in inquiries from mothers-to-be who want to give birth at home or be guaranteed constant, one-to-one attention in hospital.
The lessons mothers-to-be should be attending are those about breastfeeding.
While this is something that gives sleepless nights to many mothers-to-be everywhere, in many establishments, the women themselves have evolved ways to juggle motherhood and jobs/careers successfully.
Most mothers and mothers-to-be who can hear don't realize how scary becoming a mother can be for a deaf woman.
In her new role she will help to develop the midwives' public health role, with increased support for breastfeeding and encouraging mothers-to-be to stop smoking.
Meanwhile, as long as mothers-to-be remain vigilant of the symptoms and are careful not to miss routine antenatal appointments, the early detection of pre-eclampsia should keep the more critical condition of eclampsia in check.