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mothball / нафталиновый шарик, камфарный шарик
имя существительное
нафталиновый шарик
камфарный шарик
preserve, conserve, can, mothball, tin, cure
имя существительное
a small pellet of a pungent substance, typically naphthalene, put among stored clothes to keep away moths.
For optimal protection, store in acid-free, nonplastic containers, or in garment bags with mothballs or cedar chips.
store (clothes) among or in mothballs.
He left muttering something about mothballing the suit until next year.
Along with a cancellation of the Shuttle NASA should mothball the space station.
it would cost the company a lot of money just to mothball the mine
There have even been rumours that the bank may mothball the plans out of spite alone.
The announcement raised hopes that their mothballed Dunfermline factory might be used for the faster and cheaper production of microchips for the next generation of lightweight electronic gadgets.
The US Navy decommissioned them in the late 1990s and mothballed them.
Earlier plans were mothballed when fund managers lost their appetite for another semi-state sell-off.
These submarines, built in the early 1990s, were mothballed in 1994 by the Conservative government as surplus to requirements.
With all the warm woollies tucked away in your wardrobe along with mothballs for company, it is time you get yourself a brand new wardrobe.
When world demand rose, packaging companies would recommission mothballed plants, flooding the market with excess supply.
Now, the experts are warning that all we Brits should be prepared for such emergencies this winter because lots and lots of power stations have been mothballed .