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moth-eaten / изъеденный молью, устаревший, изношенный
имя прилагательное
изъеденный молью
mothy, moth-eaten
outdated, dated, outmoded, moldy, passe, moth-eaten
threadbare, battered, frazzled, decrepit, outworn, moth-eaten
имя прилагательное
damaged or destroyed by moths.
Inside, I would probably find nothing of interest: maybe some moth-eaten old clothes and someone's forgotten junk.
That is not to be, as in this moth-eaten tale of an honest cop versus the criminal underworld, there is nothing we have not seen and been weary of in the past.
We sit in the moth-eaten upstairs lounge overlooking the St Helen's ground, with the surf pounding the adjacent beach.
Archie performs his moth-eaten variety act before dwindling audiences in dog-eared music hall theatres.
Looking back at me was the late Bill Rose, grumpier and more moth-eaten than I remembered.
After the room was filled with the warmth of the cheery fire, I tossed the newspaper onto the moth-eaten sofa and sat down behind my desk to at last fill out the bills I'd neglected the day before.
When you think of seaside hotels, moth-eaten candlewick bedspreads and ferocious landladies usually come to mind.
He covered her with the moth-eaten blankets and the stale smell of the room clung to the walls and to her.
Riley lay on his moth-eaten sofa, dead to the world.
Mr. Monkey turns out to be a moth-eaten glove puppet.
We had a sheriff who played Santa Claus every year decked out in an unconvincing, moth-eaten , red suit.