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moth / моль, мотылек, ночная бабочка
имя существительное
mole, moth
butterfly, moth
ночная бабочка
moth, night-fly
The adult insect is a moth with silvery-white forewings and brown stripes and black markings on each wing tip.
Does a moth flapping its wings in Timbuktu have any effect on a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean?
Not until spring was the box opened again, when great was my amazement to find a big moth flapping its wings!
There's the butterfly house, a riot of colourful plants and animals with more than 60 species of butterflies and moths .
Butterflies, moths , hummingbirds, and other pollinators will come for the banquet too.
But it turns out that the moths do not rest on tree trunks during the day.
I look at the sodium vapour lamps and the thousands of insects and moths inside them.
These in turn are attracted by night-scented flowers which attract moths and night-flying insects.
It won't discriminate between pest caterpillars and those of desirable moths and butterflies.
These bats are strictly insectivorous and may be further limited in diet to moths and butterflies.