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mote / пылинка, пятнышко, соринка
имя существительное
speck of dust, mote, particle of dust, fleck of dust
speck, spot, dot, mote, speckle, mottle
имя существительное
a tiny piece of a substance.
the tiniest mote of dust
the tiniest mote of dust
the tiniest mote of dust
But a Leonid meteor is tiny, a supersonic mote of dust.
This little speck of a girl - no more than a mote of dust in the cosmic sense of things - was questioning her operation and her wisdom, her very essence of being.
Flatten yourself against the window, and let the world tilt forward until you're gazing down through the fine transparent barrier, scattered with reassuring dust motes and the glimmer of reflection.
I could see dust motes in a shaft of light that cut across my cubicle.
‘Sorry,’ I said, trying to find my wallet in my coat pockets, retrieving dust motes and chocolate instead.
There's a constant stream of planktonic motes going past.
Many scenes are heavily marred by dust motes , particularly those which take place at night or in shadow.
Sometimes the light outside penetrates the shadows in shafts, and dust motes float in the silence, flying like fairies… or miracles.