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mostly / главным образом, по большей части, обычно
главным образом
mainly, mostly, primarily, chiefly, principally, especially
по большей части
usually, generally, commonly, ordinarily, mostly, as a rule
as regards the greater part or number.
I grow mostly annuals
In terms of crime control, prison cells spent on people past the age of forty are mostly wasted.
She added that the British public was mostly unaware of the suffering undergone by the birds.
the culprits are mostly, but not exclusively, male
The bottom was mostly composed of thick black silt, and the carp happily fed in this.
The disease occurs in men mostly over the age of 50 and is very treatable if caught early.
I grow mostly annuals
At present one area is mostly wooded with some open space and a disused pond, the other has an old orchard in it.
He has already spent 16 months in jail, mostly in solitary confinement.
Sweden, under Nazi occupation, undertook a largely successful programme of mostly non-violent noncooperation.
the weekends were spent mostly alone