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moss / мох, лишайник, плаун
имя существительное
lichen, moss
lycopodium, moss, club moss, wolf's-claws
покрывать мхом
имя существительное
a small flowerless green plant that lacks true roots, growing in low carpets or rounded cushions in damp habitats and reproducing by means of spores released from stalked capsules.
the trees are overgrown with vines and moss
a bog, especially a peat bog.
Thanks to the efforts of the fire brigade, he said, the peat below the mosses did not catch fire and damage was limited to the surface vegetation of around five per cent of the mosses .
cover with moss.
We would have had difficulty identifying it as a logging site as the stumps were mossed and the beech seedlings and undergrowth were abundant - a total contrast from the sites we were accustomed to seeing after harvesting by the old method.
Cool stone and moss hues provide the contrast to Moroccan-influenced red shades.
It's a temperate rainforest and is home to ancient cedar forests carpeted by ten thousand-year-old moss .
An urgent call has gone out for volunteers to carry out an operation to remove willow and birch scrub fringing the moss 's shallow pools.
Again, some researchers are debating whether or not moss can actually reproduce by spores.
Spanish moss , hanging from low branches, occasionally scraped the top of the car.
There was nothing else nearby, not a single plant or animal, apart from a few patches of moss growing between the cobblestones.
The study team calculates these plants would have produced about six times more methane than today's bog-dwelling plants such as sphagnum moss .
The millipedes would have feasted on moss and early plant life that grew only a few inches off the ground.
Soft moss grew on the earth in places, and the roots of creeping plants branched out haphazardly here and there.
In the same instant of realization, the water disappeared, replaced by a carpet of soft green moss .